Kamilari from a distance
Iremia is just a short walk from the shops and restaurants of Kamilari

The village of Kamilari is located 2,5 km west of the archaeological sight of Festos and 2.5 km from the sea and the resort of Kalamaki.
The name of the village is of Byzantine origin, and is derived from the world "kamilaris" meaning the one who rides a camel. There is also a camel farm on the road to Kalamaki!

Kamilari is built on the top of three hills, Evgora, Goulas and Alevrota, and it has 341 inhabitants. Its houses are built from stone and have two-stories.

The village is known for its climate which is temperate and there is sunshine nine months every year.

A Public Bus Service is claimed to operate from the village. However, we have yet to see a bus.

The road passes through the Messara valley, one of the most beautiful and fertile areas in Crete.

Kamilari is a quiet, traditional village, with a panoramic view to the endless olive groves of the Messara valley on the one side, and to the Libyan sea on the other side.
It has been inhabited since the Minoan period.
One of the seven wise men of the ancient world, Epimenidis, a great wise man and a soothsayer, lived in a small community outside Kamilari, called Metohi.

The old village is built on the top of the hill Evgora. From this site the inhabitants could have an overview of the enemy, to the Messara valley for the Turks and to the Libyan sea for the pirates.

Its people are hospitable with a great respect to the tradition, that passes from generation to generation.
The village organizes feasts during the Carnival, while during the Resurrection day in Easter, old customs come to life, like burning the Judas.

Great fairs are also organized during the feast-days of the village on the 27th of July and on the 6th of August.

In the village you can find, a hotel, traditional guest houses and rooms to rent.  A small supermarket can meet most of your daily needs. Kamilari has four Tavernas: Milonas, Kelari, Acropolis, and "The Pizzeria". You can buy snacks, refreshments, ice cream and home made cakes at "To Steki". There are also two caffeneo.

There is plenty to do in and around the village:

  • Kamilari has a Minoan tomb and other archaeological remains
  • Kalamaki (2.5km) A good beach, many tavernas and bars. A good 45 minute walk.
  • Festos (4km by road). One of the key archaeological sites on Crete. A good 45 minute walk through the olive groves.
  • Agia Triada (6km by road)
  • Kommos beach. There is also an archaeological site
  • Matala. The place where many escaped in the 60's including Joni Mitchell. Lots of tavernas but no Mermaid Café.
  • Horse riding
  • SCUBA Diving - Near Plakias about an one hour drive.
  • Boat trips from Agia Galini. About 1/2 hr drive
  • Walking
  • Bird Watching
  • Gortyn - (10km by road) Crete was an early home of law and Gortyn was the most important city on the Island under the Romans, and remained so until it was destroyed by Arab pirates in 824 CE. The Law Code of Gortyn is considered one of the greatest archaeological discoveries of our time.



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