The picture gallery has photographs of us and friends and the changes we are making to the house. Follow the links for more pictures.

The house was completed in April 2005. After the container was delivered we had a busy time unpacking. We spent the rest of our time working in the garden planting trees and vegetables. Fresh tomatoes in December!
Our Yoga is going really well. We have both made real progress over the last year or so.  In the summer (2005) we did yoga on the beach with friends.

Yoga on the beach

We have climbed the highest mountain in Crete twice, Psiloritis. 2500m with a view of the whole island.
Our adventures have included an expedition to the Drafula gorge. A nice Sunday walk became a little interesting. Recent rain had created some deep (and very cold) pools along the path. Alan is helping me down over a rock after which he carried me on his shoulders through the cold pool. A real hero!

Dracula 2005

We went to Chora Sfakia in western Crete and walked down the Imvros gorge. We have also been to  beautiful beaches and collected colourful stones.

Snow came to Kamilari in February 2008 too. Luckily the nets saved a lot of our vegetables and kept them warm during the "big freeze". We went up into the mountains in search of snow

We experienced some exceptional weather in 2007. June was as hot as August. We experienced a week of rain - previously we had only had rain for a day at the most. We also had hail stones as you can see on the net.

We have many happy days out with friends who live on the island and friends who visited from the UK. Here we are at Zaros lake with Hebe, David & Juliet.

Lynne (centre) took a walk on the wild side in 2008. Participating in a wilderness body painting workshop with four others.

Our friend Vivi married in 2008. They are wearing special crowns joined together. There was a big feast and traditional Greek dancing after the wedding ceremony.

Alan hit 50 in 2007. We had such a good time we forgot to take pictures. But, Brendon came to our rescue.
In 2008 we finally made it to Spinalonga. If any of you have read "The Island". You will know all about the tunnel and what it meant to the people when they arrived.

In 2009 we started Greek dancing classes this year. Yvonne, Lynne, Judith, Uli, Alan & Nibano on a Sunday evening.

In 2009 we also started art classes. Thanks to Felicity and our teachers Jeff and Sharma. Our friend Felicity kindly arranged classes in her house.

These were our first canvases.

A picture of Kamilari by Lynne

Azaleas and Live Oaks, Magnolia Plantation by Alan

For more pictures take a look at the art gallery

Inspired by a film on the artist Andy Goldsworthy Alan painted the sunroom wall.

The halloween party was dark and dangerous. Alan and Lynne went as Uncle Fester & Morticia from the Adams family. Our friend Martin went as Beetlejuice. It was the general opinion that Alan & Martin won the first prize.


Sister act III - No  - We had a murder mystery evening.

We went hunting horta (Wild Greens) in Zaros with Stephan & Dania. Vivi & Maria were our guides identifying the many types of horta. Later we sorted the horta and Vivi prepared an outstanding meal.

The main agricultural water pipe, which runs under our land, decided to burst and created a water feature of our whole garden!

This is one of our favourite chill out places. No one else on the beach.

Some pictures from
our garden. Sadly the
pink poppies did not
last very long. We were
told that they were illegal opium poppies,
 so they had to be removed.


We visited the Creta Aquarium. The tank full of jelly fish was spectacular.


Pictures from the Kamilari village party in August.
Thanks to our neighbour Dirk.


Lynne's family came to stay. Gwyneth Lynne's mother, Judith Lynne's sister with her two daughters, Emily & Alice.


Alan's sister Babs and her partner Tony came in May. We visited the monastery at Arkadia.

In 2010 Gaby took a group of us on a walk up the Rouvas Gorge to celebrate her birthday.
We have made many new friends, but this little one has decided to move in. This is Pippa a little kitten who came wandering onto our patio one day looking very hungry and lonely.

After a year we had four cats.  Pippa is still with us. Filos returned after some time looking a bit bedraggled but he is now back to full health. The two newest members are Topsy and Tiggy - two very lively kittens.

Pippa                 Filos                   Topsy                   & Tiggy

Pippa                 Filos                   Topsy                   & Tiggy

Ditsy Mitsy


Lynne went to the UK on a therapeutic yoga course. She had a reunion with her very good friends and first yoga students - Jan, Hansa Kanchan and Umi. They had a wonderful meal in a Southern Indian restaurant. 

Alan went on a yoga course with Marios Argiros at a wonderful location in Kissamos Bay near Chania.


We went on a walk to one of the deserted beaches for Lynne's birthday and had to crawl through a small gap in a rock.

The gang has now increased to six.

Meet Pedro, a very handsome little kitten. Someone left him in a box  in our sunroom late one night. He spends a lot of time curled up inside Alan's jumper on the settee.

Pippa maintains her interest in pots.

They call me Mr Tiggs.

Above is Topsy Turvy at rest and in motion. No it is not Jabba the Hut. It is Filos our oldest cat at 6 years old.

Ditsy Belle did not have a good 2010. Sadly a week ago she was knocked down. She managed to make her way home and is receiving lots of attention for her nerve-damaged leg and cat flu.

We spend many evenings eating out at the local tavernas. We have had lots of visitors both family and friends. Here is Lynne's sister, Judith, and her two daughters, Emily and Alice. They been to stay many times and spend most days in the local swimming pool.

I have been able to take some photographs of beautiful flowers


Life's great and can only get better




We hope you are well and thriving too.


a haven of tranquillity

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